David Killpack (II) (d.1798)

Son of David Killpack (I) and Eleanor Killpack


  • Alternate: David Kilpack
  • Alternate: David Kilpatrick


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David Killpack: The Merry Mutineer (2016)

By Michaela Ann Cameron

Abstract: This bird-burglar found himself locked behind one of Newgate Prison’s doors in 1783. Sentenced to 7 years transportation to America for his crime, Killpack, along with Richard Partridge “The Left-Handed Flogger,” then participated in a convict mutiny on board the Swift only to be recaptured and sentenced to death. Killpack dodged the gallows, though, and ended up a First Fleet convict, transported on the Scarborough (1788). In the colony, Killpack became a farmer of “Killpack Farm” at the Field of Mars until the property was sold to Captain John Macarthur and was absorbed into his “Cornish Hills Farms.” Killpack continued to manage the former Killpack Farm for Macarthur until his death at the age of 40 in 1797. more>>


# Child

# Born in the colony

# Burial year: 1798

# Grave: marked