Brown Lagotto Romagnolo Puppy

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The average price for a puppy is going to be roughly 4 000 00 5 000 00 as you may have to import and or the breeder has had to spend a lot of money to import and start their own line. Females stand 16 to 18 inches 41 46 cm and weigh 24 31 lbs 11 14 kg.

Nice Haircut For A Lagotto D Is For Dog Hypoallergenic Dog Breed Cute Dogs And Puppies

Stout and very well proportioned with thick curly hair of woolly texture.

Brown lagotto romagnolo puppy. Males stand 17 to 19 inches 43 48 cm and weigh 28 35 lbs 13 16 kg. Home raised portuguese water dog puppies and lagotto romagnolo in ontario canada with the best of quality pedigrees with all health testing and guarantees. The lagotto romagnolo is a mid sized breed.

It is important they are balanced and square regardless of whether they. Lagotto romagnolo are a medium small size dog of rustic appearance. Lagottos should be square in body with long legs their legs being a fraction longer than elbow to shoulder measurement.

The white parts are dirty white freckled brown roan 2. The lagotto romagnolo breed is considered a rare breed of dog as they are not as popular in the u s a or canada yet. Brown roan puppies get born white brown and turn darker after a few weeks.

The dog has different shades of brown with some white dispersed all over the body the colour of a lagotto is changing allot during his life especially in the first 1 2 years. But the lagotto stands several inches taller. So the lagotto is about the same weight as a cocker spaniel.

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