Cavernous Tuberculosis Characteristics

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They are usually single 80 and can measure up to 4 cm in size. Tuberculosis cavernous tuberculosis 1.

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We underwent the treatment of sp clinical course that complicate fct to 233 patients.

Cavernous tuberculosis characteristics. Fibrous cavernous tuberculosis is characterized by the presence of one or more caverns with a well formed fibrous layer in the walls expressed by fibrous and polymorphic focal changes in the lung tissue. The inner wall of a tuberculous cavity can be smooth or irregular. Temperature often has a low grade in nature.

In 20 30 of cases superimposed cavitation may develop. The trends in tuberculosis morbidity for the recent 30 years and factors that caused tuberculosis incidence to rise by 13 5 in 1992 are analyzed. General tuberculous inflammation and the development of cavities causing complications.

Definition pathogenesis etiology and types sign and symptoms diffrential diagnose and forms treatment. Distinctive features of cavernous form of lung tuberculosis are the presence of the thin walled cavity located on a. In spite of tuberculostatic therapy the animal died and a final diagnosis of cavernous lung tuberculosis m.

The main symptoms in this period. Infiltrative disseminated disseminated and fibrous cavernous tuberculosis were diagnosed in 58 7 11 7 and 1 8 of cases respectively. Duration of tuberculosis tb fluctuated from 1 year to 16 years.

Tuberculomas account for only 5 of cases of post primary tb and appear as a well defined rounded mass typically located in the upper lobes. Prospective among existent ones is target therapy aimed on key links in a host organism. At the initial stage of the disease general condition of the patient is estimated as satisfactory.

121 patients were referred by antituberculous dispensaries 31 from other tb clinics 18 from general medical network gmn 37 from penitentiary system 15 went to clinics themselves. Men were 205 women were 17 at the age 18 72 yr. A 7 year old siberian tiger owned by the royal rotterdam zoo blijdorp was brought for examination to the veterinary surgery clinic of the state university of utrecht.

Destructive lesion was found in 50 of the patients. Small satellite lesions are seen in most cases 1. The destruction of the lung parenchyma and gradual ļ¬brosis lead to retraction of the neighbouring structures.

Bovis and a related osteo arthropathy was made. The aim of our study was to determine the morphofunctional characteristics of vegf a dependent angiogenesis in patients with fibrous cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis depending on the activity of dischargein order to justify the use of angiogenesis blockers. Presence of deformed cavity with large and thick wall surrounded with massive fibrosis.

For fibro cavernous tuberculosis a typical wavy usually progressive course is typical. The trachea may be displaced the hilum may become elevated the diaphragm may be pulled upward and the cardiac silhouette may change. Weakness bothersome cough shortness of breath.

Cavities has a predilection for the upper lung zones.

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