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Son doong is located in phong nha national park and there are probably still sever. Opened to tourists in 2013 the.

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Caverna vietnam son doong. At more than 200m high up to 503m in parts 175m wide and 9 4km long son doong was already huge so big that it could easily accommodate any of the world s other largest caves and you could fit several forty storey skyscrapers standing upright. Son doong which is estimated to be 400 to 450 million years old is now part of the phong nha ke. Okay everyone this should be 1 on everyone s bucket list.

It is found by a local man named ho khanh in 1991 and was recently discovered in 2009 by british cavers led by howard limbert. Photographer ryan deboodt took a drone inside to capture this spectacular footage. Hang son doong in vietnam is the largest known cave in the world.

It is located in central vietnam s quang binh province. Its name hang sơn đoòng is variously. Son doong cave vietnamese.

It is the largest known cave passage in the world by volume. Sơn đoòng cave is one of the world s largest natural caves in phong nha kẻ bàng national park bố trạch district quảng bình province vietnam. Phong nha ke bang tourism center.

Nature parks in phong nha ke bang national park. The new discovery adds an extra 1 6 million cu metre of volume to its existing 38 5 million cu metre which is the equivalent of climbing mount everest s 8848m and discovering a mound that made it 1000m taller as limbert recently told cnn. Located near the laos vietnam border hang sơn đoòng has an internal fast flowing subterranean river and the largest cross section of any cave worldwide as of 2009 believed to be twice that of the next largest passage.

Jungle boss trekking tour day tours. Caverns caves in phong nha ke bang national park. Rare limestone cave pearls are scattered in dried pools and the largest.

Hang son doong is world s largest cave located in quang binh province vietnam. Oxalis is the only tour operator permitted to take tourists on this epic tour through the largest cave in the world. Mountains in phong nha ke bang national park.

The eco system inside hang son doong is as unique as it is large and it even has its own localized weather system. The name son doong cave means mountain river cave it was created 2 5 million years ago by river water eroding away the limestone underneath the mountain where the limestone was weak the ceiling collapsed creating huge skylights. Son doong is the largest cave in the world.

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