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Find lagotto romagnolo puppies and breeders in your area and helpful lagotto romagnolo information. So what sort of traits might you need in such a dog.

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All lagotto have a brown nose.

Brown lagotto puppy. All lagotto romagnolo found here are from akc registered parents. Featuring griffon parity actually algernon. Lagotto puppies often have blue to light green eyes which will darken as they grow older.

It is important to remember that a lagotto. Often there will be white fur appearing through the brown towards the end of the dog s first year. The lagotto romagnolo is a mid sized larger than small smaller than medium breed developed in medieval italy as a water retriever.

Sometimes faded brown lagotto will go darker again but usually it changes back and forth throughout their lives. Brown roan puppies get born white brown and turn darker after a few weeks. The brown can be in any shade.

Brown puppies are born dark. When the hunter shot down ducks over water the lagotto dove in and fetched the downed duck back to the hunter. Ranges from ochre to dark hazel and brown depending on the colour of their coat.

Brown lagotto born dark brown but most of them will fade with age. The colour of a lagotto is changing allot during his life especially in the first 1 2 years. Most will fade occasionally genetics will dictate that a coat will remain dark.

In white or orange dogs the iris will be lighter and so will their nose than that of a roan or brown lagotto. Http www parity me follows a brown roan lagotto from newborn to just over a year. White puppies can stay white or turn into a light apricot.

Only occasionally a coat will remain dark. Lagotto do not come in black. Many and varied shades of brown.

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